SmartPost Templates was first conceived in the context of the Novel Engineering research project at Tufts University. It started out as a simple plugin that allowed for researchers and teachers involved in the research to document and share their findings. We feel that over time, the SmartPost Templates plugin reached a point where it was flexible enough to prove useful for a wider range of audiences outside of the research group. Thus, we have taken steps to make it free and share it with the world.

Screenshots of SmartPost Templates v1.0, March 2012:

Content Component in v1.0

Adding a new post in version 1 of SmartPost Templates

Content Component from v1.0

Content Component from v1.0

SmartPost Templates v2.0 – Developed Spring 2013:

SmartPost v2.0 with video capabilities

SmartPost v2.0 with video capabilities in Dr. E’s Challenges.